I have a need that is quite deep. Every time I go out, I longingly look for what I need but hardly see it. Just what is it I need? I need a full 24.5″! Yep. I do. You know why? It’s because I sit on a lot! I carry a lot of my weight in my bottom half, generally. So when I’m sitting in the “average” seat, two things happen. One that has caused many funny encounters for me (Hmm…future blog post?) and the other that helped inspire the existence of FGR.

  1. I look so much taller than I actually am. This is why I am overly excited when I see a chair with adjustable arms! I sit on so much, it’s like I’m sitting on a booster seat. Which means I have to hunch down to the side to reach the arm of a chair, one side at a time of course, or hunch over the table on my elbows. Ugh. Not good for my already horrible work-at-a-computer-all-day posture.
  2. The edge of the seat literally causes pain and health issues. On top of sitting on as much as I do, I’m also on the shorter side. Not super short, just about 5’2″. This means my legs often dangle off the seat, feet kinda brushing the floor, not really able to put them flat on the floor…gravity causing my big thighs to hang heavily and press down hard onto the edge of the seat, cutting off my circulation, digging into my thigh muscles. Not great when I am genetically prone to blood clots. Agh! Besides, it’s just incredibly uncomfortable.

Just like when we ask you to Share Your Flare, we want to understand how deep your need is so that we can work toward an understanding of the many averages for “depth” within the diverse fat community. From this information, we can work toward educating seating manufacturers and establishing a new standard in fat-friendly furniture and decor for businesses.

As always folks, we need to get comfortable talking about our concerns, our size, our fatness…or things will not change. Speak up, add your voice, and tell us how deep is your need? You know you wanna! 😉

Responses will not be displayed on the site without permission.

(To measure how deep your need is, we recommend laying out a measuring tape on a flat seat, from back to front. Once you are on it, ensure the tape measure hasn’t shifted and measure from the back of the seat (or your backside!) to the back of your knees. Cloth measuring tapes work best, here’s a paper one that you can print out and use as well.)

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